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Who We Are / What We Do

We have everything you need to launch and grow a successful digital business.

Mediasoft Group ™ is an information technology-based consulting group, we focus on helping companies or organizations to change from conventional work methods to efficient work methods with technology-based approaches (TAM), We also support digital innovation & management information systems strategist for organizations.

Our Philosophy / Services

we help you for tailor your idea with technology, until be a good brands & make impact to society, with 4 frameworks :

Define Idea, Share your Problem

tell us what idea you want to turn into a reality, maybe your dream is to have a startup, a good business or have a new website this year.

We Design your Idea to Concept

after you tell what you want to make, about your dreams and ideas, we will give you an idea or concept what if your idea becomes real with technology.

Build, Time to Make it Happen

after you like and agree with the concept of the idea that we have given you regarding the description of your idea, or your dream, we will make it happen.

Launch, Now your Idea Happen!

Everything takes time, wait for all your ideas to be realized by our team, some time later we will come with your ideas that have been realized, & boom! surprise!

Digital Brand Identity

Every product/business need a brand, we help your business be identity in market.

Business Architecture

Build a great management structure, architecture for your business.

Web Architecture

Build your web for serious business, ecommerce, media or company profile.

Product Marketing Strategy

Every product have a niche market, we help you development product going to market base on data.

New Product Development

Ideation, Innovation, Improve and Development New Product on Consumer Market.

Information System Development

We help you to build your great information system for your company, with IS Framework.

Ecommerce Market Research

Help Ecommerce better place connect to customer, we help you meet product to the right customer.

AI & Machine Learning

Research about algorithms that can improve Business automatically through experience and by the use of data.

Business Recovery Planning

We help Entrepreneur-Business to survive, keep moving fordward build your business from stratch.

Research & Development

We help you to Deep Research about business, organization, product, market etc with Qualitative or Quantitative Method.

Internet of Things [IoT]

We Provide Product IoT Customize for your Company, Prototype Concept Tech, Robotic, Microcontroller etc.

Build Tech Product

We help you to build tech product [startup company], with tech platform from stratch to release to market.

Custom Product Software

We help you to build software tailor from idea, to concept, to realization [software development].

Software for Organization

We Provide software Quick Use, you can choose wich one suitable for your business model [software for organization].

Software as Service

Pay as a service, as a your need, maintenance cost production, keep effectively [software license].

Featured Works

These are some of our recent case study projects and we are so excited to show them to you.

Our Journey, Start Here.

Author image

Support Startup, Research & Development. Program of School of Business & Entrepreneur.

SBM ITB (Program Development) Bandung, Indonesia
Author image

Support for Build ecommerce & digital business from nothing. Empowering all about Information System from product to Market to Sales.

Supershopping TV (Ecommerce) Jakarta, Indonesia
Author image

Support for Program Digitalization SME's Indonesia with topic 1juta Domain, Program Web UMKM Indonesia.

Kominfo (Program Digitalization) Jakarta, Indonesia
Author image

Support for Program Internet of Things. Program Implementation Web Base, Innovation for Jakarta Smart City.

Jakarta Smart (Program Smart City) Jakarta, Indonesia
Author image

Program Innovation Kartika Eka Paksi TNI AD Nasional, with product innovation SIMPAN (Knowledge Management).

TNI AD MABESAD (Program Hackathon) Bogor, West Java Indonesia
Author image

Support for Build digital business from nothing. Empowering all about social media, brand awareness, event & program.

Spacetoon TV (Digital Innovation) Jakarta, Indonesia
Author image

Support for event Product Design Thinking Asia, Eropa Event Annually Binus X UX Indonesia.

Binus University (Startup Partner) Jakarta, Indonesia
Author image

Workshop, Training, Product Beta Testing Research Education, Startup & Qualitative Research.

IPB (program research education) Jakarta, Indonesia.
Author image

Support for Build Community, event education, program Google Developer Group.

Google Developer Group Jakarta, Indonesia
Author image

R&D Support for Build Information System & Marketing Strategy to Customer.

Spacedev Group Jakarta, Indonesia
Author image

Information System, Digital Business & Brand Marketing Campaign to Market, Google Adsword etc

Real Estate Industry Jakarta

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